Uncovering the Uses of Paper Towels: Crossword Clue

Paper towels are a common household⁢ item ⁤ used for a myriad of tasks, from cleaning⁤ up spills ⁣to wiping⁤ down countertops. But what‌ other uses for paper towels are out‍ there? This article will​ discuss some of the ⁢different uses for paper towels that ​you may not have thought of before, as well as exploring the crossword clue from the New ‌York Times which refers to utilizing paper towels in an unexpected way. Read on ​to⁤ uncover the uses of ⁣paper towels.

1. Introduction to Paper Towels

Paper towels are a versatile⁣ and everyday item that can be found in almost any household. Invented in 1907, paper‍ towels are able to absorb ⁣liquids, wiping away messes with ease. ⁤But, did you know that the uses of paper towels extend far beyond simply wiping ⁤spills and messes? Here ‍we explore some of the lesser known solutions paper towels can offer.

In terms of cleaning, paper towels can be used for drainage. Place an absorbent paper towel in the ​bottom of a dish before adding food to ​catch any‌ liquid as it drains out. This can help ‍avoid spills or messes, and lock in ‍flavor. Additionally, paper towels can ⁤be used⁣ to save time and energy when​ cleaning cookware. Place‍ a⁤ damp ‍paper towel ⁣around the outside of a baking dish, place it in an oven, and the towel will hold in the moisture ‌to help the food cook evenly.

When you’re working with various⁤ materials, paper towels ⁤can help:

  • Polishing – Perfect‍ for safely⁤ and quickly wiping and buffing metals, ⁤jewelry, and polished surfaces.
  • Sewing – Doubles⁤ as messy and non-messy ‍fabric for creating intricate sewing projects.

In nature, paper towels can be used for a variety of purposes as well, from containing seeds when planting a garden to ‍creating an emergency fire starter. In addition to getting‌ creative, paper ⁤towels​ can be⁣ used to protect ⁤valuable ⁤items from harm. Wrap objects or tools in paper towels and fill gaps in storage boxes. Not only does this cushion belongings, but it ⁢also absorbs unwanted moisture.

2. Crossword Clue and its Origin

Crosswords are puzzles that require‍ players to find words in a grid of blank squares.⁤ A paper towel is​ one ‌of the items you ⁢might encounter in a crossword puzzle, ‍and it’s helpful to know its clues and origins.


The⁤ clue ‍for⁤ “paper towel” ​in a crossword is usually “absorbent material.” This is because paper towels are primarily used for cleaning up spills ‍and other messes, making them ideal for quickly absorbing liquid.

  • In a crossword ​puzzle,‌ the clue for “paper towels” is ⁤typically “absorbent material.”
  • Paper towels can quickly absorb liquid messes.
  • They⁣ are thin, disposable cloths most often found in kitchens.


The origin of paper towels can be traced back to 19th century Scotland. A paper mill purchased​ rolls of pans of ​crepe paper, intending to ‍use them for another purpose. However, it was ⁢discovered that when torn apart, the sheets could be used for ‍wiping ⁣up spills. Soon after, the paper towels became widely‍ adopted, and⁤ today they are a ‍staple in most homes.

  • Paper towels originated in⁣ Scotland‍ in the 19th century.
  • They were discovered when rolls of crepe paper were torn apart and⁣ used to wipe⁣ up spills.
  • Today, paper⁢ towels are found​ in⁣ most homes ⁣as ​a convenient way to quickly clean up messes.

3. Benefits and⁤ Applications of Paper Towels

1. Absorption: ⁤Paper towels are extremely absorbent and designed to soak up as much moisture as ⁤possible. ⁢This makes them ideal​ for ⁣sop up spills and cleaning up⁤ messes, both in the‍ home and in commercial and industrial settings.

2. Disinfecting: Paper towels can be used to⁢ disinfect surfaces such‌ as countertops and other surfaces, due to their ⁣absorbency. When‍ combined ‌with disinfectant wipes or bleach-based cleaners, ‍paper towels allow for a ‍quick ‍and effective cleanup.

3. ⁢Static Dust Removal: Paper towels ⁣have been found to be ⁣an effective tool for removing ​static dust from surfaces. This is because the paper has a natural static charge that attracts the dust particles. This ⁢makes paper towels ideal for dusting‌ off⁢ furniture, appliances, countertops, and other surfaces.

4. Personal ⁢Hygiene: Paper towels can be used for personal hygiene. These towels​ can be⁢ used to dry hands after washing or ⁣even to⁢ apply makeup. Their⁢ disposable nature makes them⁣ ideal for use in ​a bathroom, as they​ can be easily ‍thrown away and replaced with a new one.

5. Gardening: Paper towels also ⁤have several uses in the garden. They can be used to cover seedlings to protect them from pests or ⁢to keep them warm. They can also be used to protect your hands when handling soil or‍ fertilizer. Paper towels can be used to⁤ cover plants when transplanting‍ them as well.

4. Paper Towel’s Impact on ⁤the Environment

Paper towels are​ often overlooked when considering their impact on the environment. But if used ⁤carelessly and unnecessarily, they can create‍ an⁤ enormous amount of waste.

Paper towels are made from trees, which are a finite​ resource. If we ⁢continue to use them⁢ indiscriminately, ⁤forests and other wooded areas may suffer from deforestation.

  • The production process of paper ⁣towels ⁢consumes a lot ⁢of⁣ energy. This and other measures used to manufacture paper towels have ​led to​ an increase in greenhouse gas ‍emissions.
  • As paper towels are generally ‍used ​for a‌ single intake, they are usually discarded immediately after use. Many ⁣paper towels are not recyclable or biodegradable,⁢ making it difficult to dispose of them.
  • The use ​of paper‍ towels ‍has been linked to increased levels of water and air pollution. As paper towels ⁣are made from wood pulp,‍ they often require intensive water treatment,‍ which ⁤can⁤ result in the contamination of our water supply.
  • The chemicals and metals used to⁤ bleach paper towels⁣ can have a detrimental effect on the ‍environment, ⁢too. The hazardous and toxic⁤ compounds used can seep into the ground and endanger​ wildlife ‍or contaminate groundwater.

We can all help reduce⁤ the environmental impact of paper⁤ towels by limiting their ​use, and using recyclable or biodegradable versions when possible. ‌ There are several alternatives available⁢ that can be used in‍ place of paper towels, such as cloth/cotton towels, microfiber cloths, and ‌even rags.

5. Conclusion

This article has explored the⁤ various uses ⁤for⁤ paper towels ⁣that exist beyond the common purpose of cleaning up messes. Although paper​ towels are a useful item for households and businesses, their use should always be mindful of the environment and waste. It has been uncovered that paper towels can be used for tasks such as:

  • To make a crossword clue: A paper towel can⁣ be cleaved in half‌ and used to⁣ create clues for a crossword problem⁣ by writing ⁤a set of ‌related words for ‌players to figure out. Doing this can ⁢help improve critical thinking skills and stimulate the ​mind of a person.
  • To write a message on⁣ a ​gift: To add‍ a special⁣ touch to a gift or letter, a paper towel can replace conventional ⁤paper and be used to ⁣write out a heartfelt message.⁣ This can be beneficial in avoiding the need for‌ purchasing store-bought paper.
  • To line⁣ plant pots: A paper towel can be used ⁣to line the bottom of a plant pot, providing a ⁣moisture-absorbing barrier ⁢between the soil and the pot itself. This⁢ can help to⁢ prevent damage to the planter and prolong the life ⁣of the flower or plant within it.

Paper towels can be used for a wide‍ range of ⁤purposes, both practical and creative. With these uses unveiled, the versatility of paper towels has been made clear. Paper ‍towels are simple items, but they come with a great number of potential uses and applications that may make them more than worthwhile.


Q:⁤ What is the article about?

A: The article⁣ is about the ‌different uses for paper towels, such as ⁣solving ⁢crossword puzzles.

Q: What benefits do paper towels offer for solving crosswords?

A: Paper ‍towels allow puzzle-solvers to easily ‍transfer letters from one word to another. Additionally, paper towels are more convenient to carry than multiple sheets ⁣of ⁣paper, making⁢ them ideal for pen-and-paper crossword puzzles.

Q: Are there any drawbacks associated with using paper towels for crossword solving?

A: One potential downside is that paper towels are less durably than paper,⁢ meaning that crossword solvers may need to be⁣ careful not to tear‍ or​ smudge the material while transferring lettering. Additionally, paper towels may⁢ not provide sufficient writing⁢ space for larger puzzles that require providing ⁤multiple answers⁣ for each clue. Paper towels are ‍a very versatile product that can be used in a variety of ways. From ⁤helping with spills to being​ part ⁢of a crossword puzzle, they can play an important​ role in our lives. This article has shown just a ⁣few of the many uses of paper towels and their benefits.

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