How Long Does an Opened White Wine Last?

White wine is ​a popular choice at social gatherings⁣ and romantic dates. White wine typically‍ has a fruity and light flavor, making it a popular choice for those ‍who prefer a milder drink. One popular topic ‍of debate​ is ​how‍ long an opened bottle of white wine ⁣can last. In this article, we will discuss ⁤how long an opened white wine bottle will remain fresh for⁤ consumption.

1. Introduction: What is White Wine?

White wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape ⁤juice. It varies in flavor from light and dry ‍to sweet ​ and full-bodied. ⁣The term ⁣”white⁤ wine” can refer to either a specific ‌type of wine or a ​grouping of similar wines.

Types of White Wine

  • Dry white wine – ⁤crisp and bone dry‌ with a light to ‌medium ⁤body- Great with light seafood, shellfish, ⁢poultry, and salads
  • Semi-Sweet white‍ wine – mildly sweet ‌with lemon, ⁣peach‍ and ​melon‍ flavors- Does well with ⁤spicy food, goat cheese salads, and honey-glaze desserts
  • Sweet white ⁤wine⁢ – dessert wines known for their fruity flavors- Great ​with fresh ⁣fruit, brie cheese, and cheesecake

Regardless of the type of white⁣ wine you choose, it is important to find‍ the right balance of flavors to complement your meal. To‍ ensure the best quality, stored white wine should ⁢be ‍secured away from harmful toxins, strong odors, ​light, ⁢air, and vibrating.

When⁤ a bottle of white wine is opened, keeping it stored properly is‌ essential for its preservation and longevity. It is ​possible for white wine to ‍remain drinkable​ from ‌a few days to ​even a ⁢few months, but it all depends on how it is stored and maintained.

2. How ​Long Does⁣ an Unopened White Wine Last?

White wine that has been opened can last ‌up to 3-5 days if stored properly in the fridge. The key is to keep the wine⁤ away‌ from direct⁤ sunlight ⁢and to seal it ⁤tightly in an airtight container. If ⁢not sealed, the taste of the wine can be compromised⁣ and it can go sour.

When⁤ it comes to unopened white wine, the ​ shelf-life can also vary depending on the type. On average, an unopened ⁣white wine can last up to 8 months to 1 year when stored in a cool, dark area; such ⁤as​ a⁢ cupboard that does​ not receive direct sunlight.

  • Serve unopened white wine⁢ between 41-46°F (frot) to preserve ⁢its flavor and texture.
  • Store‍ unopened ​white wine between 40-45°F (refrigerator temperature) ⁤to ensure ​it doesn’t spoil or go bad.

It‌ is best to store white wines between 3-4°C (38-40°F) in a wine refrigerator at all times, whether opened or​ unopened. This will ⁤prevent ​have oxidation, keep the wine​ fresher ‌for longer, and ​protect the⁣ flavor profile ⁣and aromas.


When you open a​ bottle of white⁣ wine, ⁢its shelf​ life changes. How long it remains drinkable depends, in part, on the ⁢quality of the wine, the type of varietal and, of course, the ⁤storage⁣ conditions. Here’s what you need to know.

  • If kept in proper conditions: The best way to ⁤extend the⁤ shelf life of an opened ⁣white wine is to keep it ⁤in a cool, dark place, such as a wine refrigerator or a cellar. With proper storage, a‍ bottle of white wine should last up​ to ‍four days.
  • If stored in a fridge: ⁢ If you’re not able to invest in proper wine storage, putting a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator is your⁤ next best ‍option. Depending on the type of wine,‌ you⁢ can expect⁤ it be good for up to three ⁤days.
  • Not all types of white ‍wine last ⁢the same: ‌Some wines are more​ acidic and ​will last longer than others. Typically, fruitier wines will have a shorter ⁣shelf life; wines made from Sauvignon Blanc,‌ Chenin Blanc, and Riesling, for example, ​will last a few ​days less than Chardonnay.
  • On the counter: ​If left out on the counter,⁤ white wines ⁢will ‌generally only be good for the same day. The heat will cause them to⁢ oxidize quickly and lose‌ flavor.

When it comes to how long an opened white wine lasts, there are many‌ factors at play. Generally speaking, with​ proper storage, you can expect a bottle of white wine to stay good for ​up to four days.

4. ⁢Factors That Affect the ⁤Shelf-Life of White Wine

The ‌shelf-life of​ white wine after opening is affected by different​ factors:

  • Type of wine: sweeter ​wines, such as Reisling and Gewürztraminer, are more susceptible to heat and agitation, which will quickly spoil them. ‍In contrast, a Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or Chardonnay typically ​have a⁢ better shelf life‌ in ‍opened bottles.
  • Type of closure: screw⁤ caps on modern wines⁣ tend to keep⁤ wines fresh for longer, ⁤compared ‍to wines with‌ corks.
  • Climate: higher temperatures will cause white wine ⁢to spoil quicker than in ‍cooler climate.
  • Storage: ​the storage ‌temperature plays an ​important role. White ​wines should ideally be⁣ stored in a dry, cool‌ place and kept away from direct and/or moist heat.
  • Airtightness: keeping the bottle tightly ‌sealed will​ help to keep the wine fresh for a longer duration.

The shelf-life of white wine can also be extended by ⁢using ⁤a ⁣vacuum ⁣pump or investing‌ in a wine pump‍ with⁤ stoppers. Vacuum pumps are devices that ⁢help extract air from the bottle, thus keeping the wine fresh and preserving its flavour.

Regardless of these⁣ measures, drinking wine⁣ is best enjoyed fresh,⁢ and the quality declines with every passing ⁣day.⁢ Thus, it is advisable to make sure that opened white wine is ⁢consumed ⁢promptly after opening.

5. Tips for Storing Opened‌ White Wine

1. ‍Keep stored in refrigerator or a cool area: Proper storage is highly important, particularly for opened white wine. Keeping white wines stored​ in a refrigerator ⁤or in a cool ⁢area with ​temperatures ⁤of ​10 to 14°C is highly advised. The reason for this is that wine undergoes a chemical conversion if stored above 18°C and⁢ will eventually⁤ spoil the wine.

2. Make use of an air-tight ⁤bottle‌ stopper: ⁣While storing ⁣your opened white wine​ in a‍ refrigerator or ⁣cool areas, make sure you use ​an air-tight bottle‌ stopper to ​preserve the⁣ taste and aroma of white ⁣wine. This will also ⁤prevent oxidation and the wine will last longer.

3.⁤ Re-cork the bottle ‌when storing: Regardless which type of bottle stopper is used, it‌ is ⁤essential to re-cork the bottle and make ‍sure⁣ that​ it ⁤is ⁢sealed properly when⁣ storing. This will prevent the liquid from evaporating and​ extend the shelf life of the opened⁤ white⁣ wine.

4. Avoid‍ direct contact with light: Opened white wines should⁣ be kept away from ⁣direct exposure to⁢ light, particularly‌ sunlight. ​Temperature‌ and ‌light are ⁢two factors that can greatly affect the taste of white⁢ wine and should be avoided if the wine is going to​ be stored for a longer period ‍of time.

5.⁢ Use a wine‍ cooler: If possible, purchase a wine cooler that is designed ⁣specifically to store opened ​white ⁤wines. They are usually humidity controlled⁣ so that the air-tight ⁣seal of the bottle is guaranteed. Along with‌ the airtight seal,​ a wine cooler also enables you to⁣ store white wines at ⁤the⁢ ideal temperature over a longer period of time.

6. Conclusion

Generally, opened⁤ white‌ wine will last between 5-7 ⁢days in‍ the refrigerator.⁣ However, temperature variations can shorten ⁤or extend the ⁣wine’s lifespan depending on ​the variety. There are certain wine preservation tools that can⁤ extend the shelf-life of opened white wine for up to two ‍weeks.

Here is a summary of what to look ‌out for in⁣ ensuring⁤ white​ wine longevity:

  • Consume wine soon ‍after⁣ opening: If you plan ⁢to store ⁢the wine for up to a week, make sure you store it within a few hours‍ of opening.
  • Preserve and‍ store the wine properly: Use ‌a vacuum pump to⁢ expel oxygen from the opened bottle and store the wine in the middle of your fridge.
  • Use a ⁣wine preserver lid: These lids can extend the wine’s⁣ life up to two weeks if used correctly.

Experimentation is key to ⁢finding out⁤ how long an opened white wine will last depending ​on the variety and storage conditions. Ultimately, if you’re‌ skeptical of the wine’s⁢ quality, ‌you’re better off disposing of it and buying a fresh ⁢bottle.


Q: How long does ⁢an opened white​ wine last?
A: Generally,⁤ an opened bottle of white wine will⁤ stay safe to‌ drink‌ for about 3 to 5 days, if kept refrigerated. Light and lower⁤ alcohol white wines will​ not last as‍ long as​ full bodied white wines.

Q: Can I save opened white wine in the​ refrigerator⁣ for later? ​
A: Yes, storing⁤ an ⁤opened bottle of white wine‌ in the refrigerator is an effective way to preserve its taste and quality. However, it’s recommended to⁣ consume the opened bottle of wine within 3​ to‌ 5 days.

Q: What happens ⁢if ⁢I keep opened white wine at room temperature? ‌
A: If​ an opened bottle of white wine is kept⁤ at room temperature, it can quickly spoil and the taste will deteriorate⁢ quickly. Therefore, it’s best to store an opened bottle‍ of white⁣ wine in the refrigerator. All in all, understanding how⁤ long an opened white wine can last helps ⁢you ​to determine when to ‌finish up a bottle of⁤ wine. This way, ⁣you can enjoy ​the flavors before the wine goes bad. If stored ⁤properly in a refrigerator, opened white wine can last for several days.

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