Choosing a Front Door with One Side Panel

When it comes to home design and improvement, the front door of your house is an important factor to consider. Finding the right door is a matter of both aesthetics and functionality and if you are looking for the perfect style to complement your home, choosing a front door with one side panel may be the right solution for you.

This article will provide an overview of front doors with one side panel, discussing the advantages of this style and potential issues you should take into account.

1. Considerations

When selecting an entry door with one side panel, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

Design: Make sure the door design complements the exterior of your home. Consider a variety of options such as solid wood, metal, or fiberglass to both increase the decorative appeal of your home and give it a sense of security. The side panel should also have the same or a similar design to create a unified look.

Size: Measure the entrance carefully before selecting an entry door system. Accurate measurements will ensure that the door fits properly in the space and that the side panel is the proper width. Consider the size of the entrance and the movement of people, furniture, and objects before finalizing your choice.

Features: When selecting an entry door with a side panel, it is important to consider the features that will make it easier to open and close. Look for a door that has durable hinges, adjustable door closure, and weather stripping for energy efficiency.

Security: When choosing a front door and side panel for your home, it is important to consider the level of security. Look for a door that is made of high-quality materials, and has a locking mechanism and solid door jamb.

Keep these considerations in mind when selecting a door and side panel to ensure you choose the best option for your home.

2. Types of Front Door With One Side Panel

Single-Panel Door with Abstract Design

A single-panel door with an abstract design is a unique decorative addition to your home. The panel itself is made of glass and set into the frame of the door so it looks like it’s part of the door itself. It’s designed to fit into any style of decor, from traditional to contemporary.

The panel is usually made up of glass pieces in different shapes and sizes, which create an interesting and eye-catching pattern that adds a touch of flair to any entrance of the home.

Single-Panel with Etched Designs

Etched designs on single-panel doors are elegant and add a little bit of sophistication to the home’s entrance. The design is carved into the glass and can feature many different designs.

Some common themes for etched-glass doors include floral patterns, animals, and abstract designs. These designs can be seen only when the sunlight hits them, making them a great choice for adding a bit of light and pattern to the home’s exterior.

Single-Panel Door with Textured Design

Single-panel doors with a textured design offer an interesting way to add a unique look to your home’s entryway. These doors feature patterns or designs that are raised or recessed, creating a 3D effect. This adds texture and depth to the entranceway and is especially effective in homes with a modern or contemporary design. The raised designs can be of any type, from waves to floral engravings.

Polka Dot Design Doors

The polka dot design door is fun and whimsical and perfect for a home with a bright and playful aesthetic. This style of single-panel door features, as the name suggests, a series of dots of various sizes all over the door, usually in one color for a cohesive look.

The dots can be arranged in any number of patterns, from spirals to starbursts, which can be a great way to add a unique and fun touch to the home’s entryway.

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3. Installation Process for a Front Door with One Side Panel

Installing a front door with one side panel can be a challenge. However, with proper design and planning it can be done without too much hassle. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Measure the Doorway: Measure the doorway in which you are installing the door. It is important to make sure the dimensions are exact for the door to fit properly.
  • Assess Door Components: Make sure you have all of the necessary components for the door installation, such as hinges, locks, handles, and weatherstripping.
  • Plan the Installation: Take into account the type of material you are using to install the door into the frame (e.g. shims, mudsills, etc.) and the type of weatherstripping you are using (e.g. foam, rubber, etc.).
  • Assemble the Door: Assemble the door and make sure it fits into the frame properly. Make minor adjustments if necessary.

Once the door is properly assembled and installed into the frame, one side panel should be added. Make sure the panel fits properly and is securely fastened to the door with molding or caulk. If you are using weatherstripping, install it around the edge of the door and the panel.

Finally, make sure the door is properly sealed to prevent air and water infiltration. You can use weather seal tape to help reduce infiltration. Once everything is secure and sealed, you can enjoy your newly installed front door with one side panel.

4. Benefits

When it comes to selecting a front door with one side panel, there are many advantages for homeowners.

  • Space – One of the primary advantages of choosing this particular type of front door is that it takes up less space than a typical two-panel entry door. By utilizing a side panel, the space in the entryway is maximized, providing an extra layer of protection without compromising on style.
  • Light – Installing a one-panel entry door also allows for natural light to enter the home, giving it a brighter, more inviting feel. This is particularly beneficial for homes that lack natural light or for those who require additional lighting during the day.
  • Aesthetics – A one-panel door can be designed with various materials, customized styles, and unique patterns that can elevate the overall look of the property. Homeowners can choose the material that best suits their home’s look and create a unique entryway.
  • Weather Protection – This type of door can be highly effective at keeping out adverse weather conditions and keeping the home warm and secure. The stronger material and installation of a one-panel door can make it much more weatherproof and defy the elements.
  • Security – With the installation of a one-panel entrance, homeowners can benefit from higher security than a two-panel door. In addition, those installing a side panel can also choose additional safety features such as deadbolts, kick plates, and other deterrents.

Overall, homeowners have multiple benefits to consider when choosing a front door with one side panel. From the increased security and natural light to the aesthetic changes and additional space it can provide, this is a great option for many homeowners.

5. Other Tips for Installing a Front Door with One Side Panel

Installing a front door with one side panel can be fairly straightforward, but it pays to be aware of a few minor details to ensure the best end result.

Firstly, be sure to check the measurements that are available. Some people find that purchasing pre-cut doors can help make the installation process simpler, as it is not necessary to go through the process of direct measurements.

However, keep in mind that some doors can be pre-cut too small, so this may create problems if you are not careful when selecting.

Other tips include:

  • Make sure that the door is level and plumb when fitting.
  • Choose the correct type of door lock for extra security.
  • Check the weather seal on the door to offer the maximum insulation.
  • Weather strips may be required if there are gaps that need to be sealed.

When fitting the one-side panel, take your time and use the necessary screws, washers, and spacers that may be required for an accurate installation.

Additionally, it is important to consider the type of materials that will be needed for installation. These may include shims, nails, sealants, and caulking.

Finally, make sure that the door and side panel align precisely once fitted to ensure the best finish. If necessary, you may need to adjust the hinges or other elements to ensure the ideal fit.


Q: What are the advantages of having a door with one side panel?

A: Adding a side panel to a front door can provide a number of advantages. It can add more natural light, increased ventilation, and an updated appearance to the front of the home.

Q: What types of materials can be used for a one side panel door?

A: Common materials used for a door with one side panel include wood, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, or composite. Each material will provide different levels of insulation, strength, and durability.

Q: What color should you choose for a one side panel door?

A: Color is a matter of preference, as it will depend on the style of your home and the overall look you want to achieve. Many people choose to match the color of their door to their siding or trim, while others opt for a bold color option.


Overall, the decision of whether to choose a front door with one side panel mostly depends on personal preference and the overall design of your home. Consider the available options, take accurate measurements, and look out for the necessary requirements for installation. It will help you to make an informed decision and find a perfect door with one side panel that is best suited for your home.

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